Dear Colleagues,

This interactive course is limited to 6 ENT and Plastic surgeons. The aim is to share the experience of 25 years of in rhinoplasty in a peer-to-peer way. The reason to keep it to a minimum number of participants is to make the teaching more interactive and dynamic. By doing so, the participant will be able to comprehend all the details during that session.

Please see the main topics to be covered during first two days of this course below. For example, in the “Fundamentals in rhinoplasty” session, the participants will not only listen to these lectures, but also will actively participate. Beside they will take pictures, will do facial analysis and imaging by themselves. In other words, the surgeon will be able to do the surgery before going into surgery. They will learn to use Rhinobase and use it as well. All lectures will be given by myself. The course venue for the first two days is my private clinic at Alsancak.

Program at a glance:

• 2 days of interactive lessons: 26-27 August, 2019. Venue: Apaydin private clinic.

• 2 days of operations: 28-29 August, 2019. Venue: Gazi private hospital

• 1 day of interactive video sessions: 30 August, 2019. Venue: Apaydin private clinic.

Topics to cover:

A. Fundamentals in rhinoplasty

  1. Rhinobase: A computer program dedicated to record keeping and automated facial analysis
  2. Rhinoplasty consultation
  3. History taking
  4. Outcomes measurements
  5. Facial analysis
    1. Photometric analysis
    1. Aesthetic analysis
  6. Photography
  7. Imaging and profileplasty
  8. Incisions and approaches

B. Septal surgery

  1. Basic techniques
  2. Septal surgery in crooked nose
  3. Septal perforation

C. Tip surgery

  1. Suture techniques
  2. Tip grafts

D. Dorsum surgery

  1. Profile planning for precision (Precision profiloplasty)
  2. Profile alignment in reduction rhinoplasty
  3. Middle vault reconstruction
  4. Push-down, Let-down techniques

E. Upper third

  1. Osteotomies: From traditional to powered techniques

F. Revision rhinoplasty

  • Use of conchal cartilage
  • Use of rib cartilage
  • Saddle nose: Four different methods for augmentation
  • Camouflage techniques

The operations will be performed at the Gazi Private Hospital. The participants will be in the OR to watch the surgeries. The surgeries will be recorded by video cameras. The participants will be able to learn the fundamentals of  how to do audiovisual recording as well.   There will be 3-4 surgeries in two days. The participants will be able to interact with me in the OR by their questions. The video of the operative field will also be reflected on a monitor. At least one video of these surgeries will be edited and be given to the participants.

I am pretty sure that it will be a very fruitful learning experience for both the novice and seasoned  rhinoplasty surgeons. I have been using interactive teaching techniques for a long time at the university and at the academic environments.They are best suited for small groups like this. In my opinion, it is the best teaching technique as well. That is why this course is limited to 6 colleagues.

Registration fee is 3500 Euros or 4000 US Dollars. It can be paid on site or can be transferred to the account sent to you by my secretary. Registration fee also covers the coffee breaks, lunches and three course dinners, but not the boarding and travel expenses.  There are very nice and inexpensive hotels in Izmir. The closest one to my office which is 5-minutes walking distance is Ege Palas Hotel. The other good hotels such as Swissotel and Hilton are 5-minutes driving or 15-minutes walking distance.  You can make reservations by your own or a by travel agency with which I have been working for years can help you as well.

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Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey. Please do not miss the opportunity to see the city . A historical bazaar tour and Izmir city tour will be part of our social program.  The world’s best preserved antique city Ephesus is very close to Izmir. So on the 31th of August, there will be a guided tour to Ephesus and Saint Mary’s house as well. All these activities are complimentary. The Turkish people are well-known for their hospitality. We will do our best to make your visit to Izmir as pleasant as possible.

I look forward to meeting you in Izmir in August.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın