According to Turkish law, it is forbidden to share pictures of the patients before and after surgery. Besides, it is forbidden to share pictures where the patient can be identified. That is why I am now sharing with you some pictures of the patients only showing their situation before surgery. All of them have been successfully operated and satisfied with the result. The idea is to give our patients an idea on what kind of surgeries are performed.

Redüksiyon Rinoplasti (Burun küçültme cerrahisi)
Eğri Burun
Semer Burun
Revizyon Burun – 1
Revizyon Burun – 2
Revizyon Burun – 3
Göz altı dolgusu öncesi
Dudak dolgusu öncesi
Üst göz kapağı estetiği öncesi
Kepçe kulak – 1
Kepçe kulak – 2
Yüz germe ameliyatı öncesi
Daha geniş yüz germe ameliyatı öncesi
Burun tümörleri
Alın ve kulak tümörleri

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