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Botulinum toxin A applications


What is botulinum toxin A injection?

Currently it is the most popular cosmetic procedure for aging face.


What is botulinum toxin A?

It is a toxin obtained from bacteria  called “clostridium botulinum”. Although it is a very potent toxin, when applied in small doses on therapeutic sites, it acts as a miraculous agent to get rid of facial wrinkles. It does not have important side effects on the body.


How is it used?

It is injected in minute amounts into the belly of the muscle causing the wrinkle. This drug inhibits the neural transmission at the muscle level, therefore weakens or partially stops the contraction of the relevant muscle temporarily. By doing so, the muscle movements vanish or slow down and the patients get rid of dynamic wrinkles.

Does the appliation hurt?

The skin at the applciation site is anesthesized by  cream and ice applciation. Besides, the needles used for injection are so small. That is why the application does give minimal pain. Just after the injection, there can be a burning sensation for a few seconds, but then goes away. In general, there is not any discomfort after the application.


Where is it mostly applied?

Most common sites for botulinum toxin A injections are the glabellar and forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. Besides, it is also used for the bunny lines, smoker’s lines, dimpled chin, downturned mouth corners,  and sagging neck.


Does the application affect other facial movements and create numbness?

No. It does not affect the nerves at all. Besides, it is effective only in the application sites.


How long is its effect ?

Its effect varies from 3 to 6 months with an average of 4,5 months. After a few applications, the duration of effect may be longer.


How safe it botulinum toxin A application?

It has been in practical use more than 20 years with very minor problems. When used for wrinkles, its side affects such as pain during injection, pressure sensation for a few days have only been reported at the application site.

Can it be done to everybody?

It can theoretically done to almost everybody. Only the pregnant women and patients with certain neurological disorders should be kept out of application.