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It is the process of sucking or surgically removing fat accumulated under the chin. In addition, if there is a sagging in the muscle called platysma that leads to the formation of bands in the neck, this is the process of tightening the muscle. The purpose of this surgery is to achieve a neck that looks younger.

As in all facial rejuvenation surgeries, the anatomical features of the person’s neck are very important. If there is little sagging in the neck, there is usually no need for intervention. If the problem is only the accumulation of fat, liposuction can be performed by creating a 3 mm inlet under the chin. If there is fat accumulation with looseness in the neck skin, then face lift should be performed along with fat removal. If the fat accumulation in the neck is excessive and sagging is advanced, then during the face lifting process, the fat is removed under direct vision from an existing scar under the chin and the platysma muscles are sutured in the midline. In fact, if the jaw of the person is small, a jaw implant can be placed in the same process.

Submentoplasty is a surgical procedure for selected patients. Diet and exercise does not replace weight loss and is not a cure for obesity.

The result of surgery and wound healing may be adversely affected if smokers do not quit 2-3 weeks prior to surgery.